Cleaner 3390     |     [Technical Data]
This is the industry standard in non-etching aluminum cleaners for any operation. Effective in removing buffing compounds

Additive 1408     |     [Technical Data]
This is a premium additive to make caustic an effective etchant, giving a long bath life and producing the best matte finish

Desmut 1000     |     [Technical Data]
This is an iron based desmut, giving long bath life, effective on all alloys, and easy to use, at the lowest operating cost

Additive 1366     |    [Technical Data]
This is a non-iron desmut for aluminum. Produces a very clean surface

Additive 1417     |     [Technical Data]
This is a non-nitric, non-iron, desmut for aluminum. Produces a very clean surface for all aluminum alloys.

BD 8610     |     [Technical Data]
This is a non-nitric brightener and desmutter for aluminum castings. It is effective at room temperature.

ETCH 803     |     [Technical Data]
This is a premium caustic etchant for aluminum. ETCH 803 produces a very matte appearance in aluminum.

ETCH 837     |     [Technical Data]
This acid etch hides most die lines and scratches with very flat surface

Additive 1224     |     [Technical Data]
This is an anodizing additive which reduces burning and produces a more uniform coating and alloys for shorter process times.

Seal 2511     |     [Technical Data]
This is a premium nickel acetate mid-temp seal for anodized aluminum

Seal 2566     |     [Technical Data]
This is a non-nickel seal for anodized aluminum.

Seal 2540     |     [Technical Data]
This is a low temp seal for anodized aluminum containing nickel fluoride.

CONSTANT COLOR 6000     |     [Technical Data]
Makeup and tin replenisher

CONSTANT COLOR 6001     |     [Technical Data]
Stabilizer for tin

CONSTANT COLOR 6002     |     [Technical Data]
Acid content, stabilizer and throwing power

STRIPPER 5275     |     [Technical Data]
Removes anodic films from aluminum


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